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Prostate Cancer
Dr Vishnu Nambiar (Radiation Oncologist)


Hernia in Children
Dr Narayanan M (Paediatric Surgeon)

Interventional Radiology
Dr Mohammed Rafeeque (Interventional Radiologist)


Fatty Liver
Dr Pradeep Kumar P (Gastroenterologist)

Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer
Dr Sasindran P R (Radiation Oncologist)


Kids Abdominal Pain
Dr V K Gopi (Paediatric Surgeon)

Diabetic Nephropathy
Dr Jayameena (Nephrologist)


Deformity Correction Surgery
Dr Arunlal (Orthpaedic Surgeon)

Smoking and Lung Diseases
Dr Sabir M C (Pulmonologist)


Varicose Veins
Dr Vinayakhram (General Surgeon)

Dr Praveen Kumar (Pulmonologist)


Plastic Surgery
Dr Hafiz Muhammed (Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Conservation Surgery
Dr Shaji K Ayilath (Surgical Oncologist)


Dr Rajesh Muralidharan (Interventional Cardiologist)

Dr Sunil George (Nephrologist)

Growth Hormone Treatment
Dr Raju A Gopal (Endocrinologist)

Headache Reasons & Treatments
Dr Mohan Leslie Noone (Neurologist)


Health Issues of Premature Babies
Dr Ranjith P K (Neonatology)

Heart Surgery
Dr. Harilal V Nambiar (Cardio Thoracic Surgeon)


Heart Valve Disorder
Dr Harilal V Nambiar (Cardio Thoracic Surgery)

Hip Disorders
Dr Tony Kavalakat (Orthopaedic Surgeon)


Dr P V Pradeep (Endocrine Surgery)

Pancreatic Stones
Dr Sylesh Aikot (Gasto Surgeon)


Prenatal tests to determine health of baby
Dr Sreekala (Fetal Medicine)

Radiation Therapy
Dr P R Sasindran (Radiation Oncologist)


Why is Kidney so Important?
Media One - Stethoscope

Parathyroid Glands
Media One - Stethoscope


How to develop personality of children.
Media One - Stethoscope

Chickenpox, H1N1, Dengue Fever
Media One - Stethoscope


Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
Media One - Stethoscope

Speech & Hearing Pathology
Media One - Stethoscope

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