Health Check-up PackagesVarious kinds of health check-up packages are offered under the guidance of a team of health experts to make your routine health check-up an enjoyable experience.

Health Check-up Packages

People often forget the basic fact that good health is necessary for a happy, productive and rewarding life. To meet the growing demands of the competitive world, most of us tend to ignore our health until we are compelled to confront a medical complication. To cope with the risk of medical disorders, health monitors have become mandatory. Most health problems can be managed more effectively if detected early.

The health check up program of BMH Kozhikode, aims to preserve and promote good health, to prevent diseases and disability and facilitate early diagnosis, followed by appropriate treatment.

A doctor's prescription is not required for a health check up. You may choose the health checkup package which suits you best.

Preventive Health Care Packages Available at BMH

Though we appear fit and healthy, there might be some signs and symptoms which we might not notice always. In this fast paced life, people often forget to go for regular health checkups until they meet medical crisis. Just a few hours is what it takes for a health check up. We at BMH offer a comprehensive range of preventive check up for people of different age groups and requirements. The check up does not require a doctor’s prescription. The preventive health check up package for the patients includes the following:

BMH Master Health CheckBook NowDescriptionEnquire

BMH Executive Health CheckBook NowDescriptionEnquire

BMH Diabetes PackageBook NowDescriptionEnquire

BMH Health ScreeningBook NowDescriptionEnquire

BMH Paediatric Health CheckBook NowDescriptionEnquire

BMH Cancer ScreeningBook NowDescriptionEnquire

BMH Pre Employment CheckBook NowDescriptionEnquire
Medical Tourists Health Check‐up Packages

While coming down all the way to the God’s own country for healthcare requirements, people expect quality services at affordable package rates. Apart from a comprehensive range of medical services, BMH offer different kinds of health check up packages exclusively for the international medical patients. Two packages offered for the international patients are:

BMH Medical Tourist Health Check-up - MaleBook NowDescriptionEnquire

BMH Medical Tourist Health Check-up - FemaleBook NowDescriptionEnquire
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