Malabar’s First 3 Ring PET-CT Launched.


Baby Memorial Hospital, Kozhikode inaugurated the first 3 ring PET-CT scan in Malabar in their Nuclear Medicine Department on 19th June. The PET-CT was unveiled in Baby Memorial Hospital by phenomenal Malayalam actor and Member of Parliament Shri. Innocent.

With the introduction of this sophisticated PET-CT, BMH will become one of the most comprehensive cancer centre in Kerala. This leading-edge technology will be a key component of Baby Memorial Hospital’s molecular imaging and diagnostics. Physicians will now have access to the best PET-CT technology in the world to help evaluate and diagnose cancer along with the evaluation of bone disorders, brain abnormalities and complicated heart functions. Shri. Innocent who was the chief guest for the function is someone with many responsibilities. He is an actor, Member of Parliament, President of movie artists association and a film producer. His other responsibility which he takes up boldly is spreading the awareness regarding cancer. Having had cancer two times, Innocent defeated the disease by being strong and facing it alongside with his family.

Inaugurating the first three ring PET-CT in Malabar at BMH here on Monday, the speech he gave often made the audience split with laughter. He conveyed the message of having regular checkups to ensure early detection of cancer. He pointed out that many people, including himself, thought that they would never affected by cancer. But he said that the disease found its way to him and also enabled him to understand a different aspect of life. He enlightened the minds of the audience present by sharing his experience of being diagnosed with cancer and his fight against it. “When you are diagnosed with cancer, you get all sorts of advices. Some people tell you to go for superstitious practices. Some offer to pray for you. Some others visit you and say all sorts of awful things,” the actor said. “However, we need to be brave enough and go for the best available treatment to tide over the crisis.”

The welcome speech of the function was addressed by Dr. K G Alexander, Chairman and Managing Director of Baby Memorial Hospital. The introduction about PET-CT was given by Dr. R Maharajan, Nuclear Medicine Physician. The Chief Guests address was given by Shri. Thottathil Raveendran, Mayor of Kozhikode. Dr. T Ajayakumar, Chief of Radiation Oncology, Kozhikode Medical College and Dr. V G Pradeep, State President, Indian Medical Association offered their valuable words in this auspicious event. The vote of thanks was conveyed by Dr. P R Sasindran, Chief of Radiation Oncology, BMH. The event was gratified in the presence of various other distinguished guests.

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