Malabar's First Three Ring PET CT Scan

PET-CT scan is an advanced nuclear imaging technique which combines positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) into one machine. BMH is proud to announce the introduction of one of the most advanced PET-CT scan in Kerala.

The department of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging at BMH Kozhikode is already equipped with specialized devices such as Hybrid SPECT-CT Dual Head Gamma Camera and Radio Iodine Therapy Suite. With the introduction of a new time tested and cost-effective diagnostic PET-CT scan, Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut is now the most advanced Nuclear imaging center in whole of Malabar.

The advantage of new generation Discovery ICI 3 Ring Multislice PET CT Scanner from GE

Advantage for Patients
  • Detect cancer, its primary and secondary areas
  • Diagnose the stage, to know the extent and spread of cancer
  • Decide the most suitable treatment for cancer
  • Find whether cancer has reappeared
  • Evaluate how well the cancer treatment is effective
Advantage for Doctors
  • High Image Quality with Precision and Intelligent Quantitation
  • The most optimal treatment for cancer can be decided with accuracy
  • Detecting smaller lesions, with more confidence and lower radiation dose
  • Scanning faster and reading more efficiently
  • Easy and early determination of how well the treatment plan is working
Unique Technical Highlights
  • Highest NEMA Sensitivity in the Industry
  • Largest Axial Field-of-View Coverage in the Industry
  • Highest Clinical Noise-Equivalent-Count-Rate (NECR) for clinical PET imaging in the Industry
  • Scalable PET Detector 3 Ring built to optimize clinical performance Versatile platform

Who uses PET-CT?

Who uses PET-CT?

PET-CT scan is effective in the treatment of cancer by detecting cancer and cancer spread in human body. It is also effective in determining cancer recurrence after treatment. PET-CT scan is effective in the diagnosis of lung cancer, head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, thyroid cancer and cutaneous melanoma. It is also effective in the diagnosis of breast cancer, colorectal cancer and gynecological cancer where the recurrence of cancer is studied. PET-CT scan is also used to evaluate bone disorders, brain abnormalities and complicated heart functions.

Nuclear Medicine Tests at BMH

Nuclear Medicine Tests at BMH

Nuclear scans at Baby Memorial Hospital includes tests such as Parathyroid scan, Lymphoscintigraphy, Lung Perfusion scan, RBC GI Bleed scan, DMSA Renal scan, Bone Scintigraphy (whole body), Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy, Renogram (DTPA), Thyroid Scintigraphy, Gallium Scintigraphy, Adrenal MIBG Scintigraphy, SM-153 Therapy, Myocardial Viability PET and Radioiodine Ablative therapy.

PET-CT scan at BMH

PET-CT scan at BMH
  • F-18 FDG whole body PET-CT scan
  • Fluoride PET Bone scan
  • Cardiac PET scan
  • Neuro PET scan

How is PET-CT scan performed?

How is PET-CT scan performed?

When you arrive for the scan, you will be asked to put on a hospital gown. You might need to take off clothes and jewellery.

A nurse or technologist will then secure an intravenous (IV) catheter into a vein in your hand. Then the dose of radiotracer is injected.

The substance takes 30 to 90 minutes to reach the tissues that will be scanned. You will be asked to lie quietly without moving or talking. Moving too much can cause the radioactive substance to move into organs or tissues not being studied. This makes it harder for doctors to read the scan.

You will then be moved into the PET/CT scanner and the imaging will begin. The CT exam will be done first, followed by the PET scan. On occasion, additional CT scan follows the PET scan.

Scanning time is approximately 30 minutes.

Depending on which organ or tissue is being examined, additional tests involving other tracers or drugs may be used.

When the examination is completed, you may be asked to wait until the technologist checks the images in order to find out if additional images are needed. Occasionally, more images are obtained for better visualization of certain areas or structures.

Overall the procedure may take about four to five hours in total.

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