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Mohammed Ashiq Manoor, Sharjah, UAE

I’m very thankful for your fantastic services of hospital especailly your online appointment. By this we can save our time.The hospital’s facilities and cleanliness is remarkable. I’m thankful to Dr.Abhay Mani Martin, guiding my mom. we consulted many doctors for 2-3 years and finally we find the right place. Now she is fine without any skin problem. Once again very thanks to staff & doctors of BMH group.

Olivia Suzanne Brent, Dubai

Very impressed with the quality of service and care from the doctors, the nurses, the care staff, catering and cleaners. All made me feel so safe, secure and welcome. Special thanks to Shiby & Praveesh in Customer Relations for making it such an ironically pleasurable experience. Sincere thanks.

Khitov Alexander, Moscow, Russia

All treatment is best, very fast and with care. There was no delay in any department. Quality was also high. Customer Relations Executive Mr Praveesh’s services were the best.

Rev. & Dr. Mrs. George Simon, USA

We are grateful for the excellent service and dedication of Dr. N.J. Mani and Dr. Muralidharan and staff at Baby Memorial Hospital for taking care of our son, Bipin Albert George, who was admitted here due to an accident. The diligent prayer and care along with the expertise of the doctors and the staff helped him heal faster than we expected. We are sure, this is the best hospital in Kerala. Keep up the excellent work! God bless you!

Shamila Raji, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Very impressed with the kind and warm hospitality and the care we received throughout the day, during our one day visit to the hospital. Also, it was very comforting to have consulted the relevant doctors, who addressed all my doubts & fears. I wish everyone associated to this hospital all the very best.

Commodore S Pradeep VSM, IN (Retd)

( Received via mail)

My 91 year mother, Smt Malathy Kurup, was admitted in BMH , Room 957, from 1st October to 10th October for treatment of two fractures on her thigh bone. She underwent surgery carried out by Dr. Muralidharan and Dr Vinod. I would like to compliment Dr Murali and his team for the professionalism and care they displayed in treating her. Dr Murali’s exemplary bedside manners and demeanour put my mother at ease and reassured her. He explained to us the procedures, the risks involved and options, and constantly encouraged my mother.

The nurses at level 9 responded to every requirement with alacrity, professionalism and above all with a smile on their faces. All of them were true examples of the nursing profession but I would like to specially mention Ms Bini and Ms Tasnima.

The hospital’s facilities and cleanliness were as good as anywhere else in the world. I would like to make a few suggestions, not complaints, to raise the level of the hospital even higher.

The beds in B Block did not have wheels and to transfer my mother to the OT trolley my sister and I had to hold on one side while the nurses had to stand on the bed with the attendant helping from the head. Even if the bed was not mobile if the trolley was of the same height a hard board could have been used to slide her on to the trolley. The same method had to be used to transfer her to the X ray table and back before she was moved to her room from post- operative ICU. Mobile beds would obviate the need to manually transfer patients especially those with restricted mobility.

The PRO and the customer service executive on level 9 met us on a number of occasions and were very helpful.

My mother is continuing her rehabilitation at home and I would like to thank the doctors and nurses once again for their professionalism and caring attitude.

Best wishes,
Commodore S Pradeep, VSM, IN (Retd),
Singapore 529234.

Navas Jan A, Calicut

(Received via post)
Respected Sir,
First of all let me introduce myself. I am Navas Jan. A, Administrator of Pre-Recruitment Training Centre (PRTC) Calicut ande a former Member Syndicate of University of Calicut. I am a friend of Brigadier K.P. Velayudhan Sir.

The purpose of writing this letter is to place on record my sincere appreciations and sentiments for Dr. C.C. Suresh and team and Dr. G. Manoj under whose treatment I was in your hospital for a week following a surgery. Words cannot adequately express the depth of my gratitude to these doctors who treated me with utmost care and concern. I can only say that they are the visible forms of God to me who literally saved my life. I had a misconception about spinal Anaesthesia but Dr. Lima’s description made me change my view. She is capable of winning the confidence of patients and she is really good. My appreciations to Dr. Lima also. All sisters in the 9th floor and their in-charge are truly angelic. Their commitment, devotion to duty, humility and above all their humane qualities are seen in their patient care.

Mr. Simon Mathews AGM and Mrs. Smitha PRO richly deserve appreciations and recognition of a high order for their timely and effective assistance to all those who are in need. Before conclusion, I salute you for meticulously running this hospital in the heart of the city rendering yeomen services to the mankind. May God strengthen your hands and give you good health and long life to enable you to serve the society for long. I pay tribute to the soul of Late Sri Baby in whose memory this hospital is today at towering heights. My gratitude may please be conveyed to the doctors.

With Prayers
Yours Sincerely
Navas Jan A

Ajoob, Kozhikode

What I was & what I am Today !!!!
A bulky person with a huge weight of 168 kgs. Morning breakfast will be 2 persons meal, afternoon would be 5 to 6 plates of biriyani, evening 5 to 6 cutlets with 2 to 4 glasses of tea and dinner of course, I mean 7 to 9 shawarma. All in between this, I used to drink 7-up at least 2 litres. So this was me.What I am today, it’s a dream come true, life changed, shirts & trousers so loose that first time in my life able to buy readymade dresses from big brands as it was always a dream to buy one.

I have to thank Dr. Sylesh and his team for guiding me into my new life. On 28 April 2016, I underwent the Bariatic Surgery and after 4 months of surgery, my weight is reduced to 112 Kgs (56 Kgs reduced so far and still going). Today I am physically and mentally fit. All this took place because of one person whom I can’t forget is Dr. Salam, his pressure on my family lead to the dream of my life, my weight is reduced, till today after proper follow-ups and guidance’s by the team of Dr. Sylesh, I’m completely out of pain and free from all kind of junk foods.

I’m highly thankful to BMH family that today I’m working here in the International Desk as Arabic Translator under Hisham Sir. Today I’m able to live a life which I was dreaming of ……………………….

Anish Thomas Mathew, Dubai, UAE

(Received via mail)

Hi Doctor,

I would like to send this mail as a part of customer feedback. The primary reason for my dad’s treatment was carried out wonderfully by the complete staff of BMH. The treatment received was very great along with the doctors confidence which additionally provides a great strength for the patient.

Few name that I have to mention are Sujith (ward male nurse), Reshma (Critical care staff). Should appreciate their positive approach.

As usual Smitha & Ajith has proved their wonderful excellence during our treatment period in BMH for the second time. Very happy to see the staff that we have appreciated last time gets promoted to higher levels.

Once again I take this opportunity to thank the staff & doctors of BMH group.



Anish Thomas Mathew

(Commercial Manager)

Dubai, UAE

Arun Kumar, Bangalore

(Received via mail)
Dear Staffs of BMH.
To whomsoever it may concern
We as a family would like to express our thanks and praise to all the nursing staff of BMH. Today my Mother in law is recovering better and we are blessed with healthy baby boy.

Our special thanks to Mr. Sunny Thomas – you were very friendly and gave us very good guidance on the facility you have in BMH. Your initial words of confidence and principles of discussion made us to choose this hospital.

We would like to thank customer relationship manager Mrs. Smitha M Pillai. She has guided us very well and we were really impressed by her personality .she stood with us throughout our tenure with BMH and her words of support has given us very good support to my family. Her direction helped us to find out the right Doctor for the treatment of my mother in law leg surgery and good gynaecologist for my wife.

All your nursing staffs treated us with the utmost friendliness, warmth and care. Appreciate the excellent administration you are handling today. Please pass on our thanks and share this feedback to Mr. Sunny Thomas and Mrs. Smitha Pillai.

Best Regards,
Arun Kumar
Project Manager – Information Technology

Pradeep Kumar, Malappuram

My wife was admitted for delivery under Dr. Sheela Madhussodhans. My wife was treated under Dr Sheela since her 3rd month of pregnancy. We got our baby girl through normal delivery on 27th, the next day after admitted. We got very excellent service from Dr Sheela and all of your staff. I am very much thankful to Dr Sheela for their great service rendered to my wife. My wife told me that the presence of Dr Sheela was really a great blessing while she was with her at the birth table. Thank you very much. Keep this quality throughout.

Thaha C V, Vatakara

Very excellent hospital that care patients. Very friendly and smiling staff. Sincere thanks from my bottom of my heart to Dr. Ashokan Nambiar/Dr. Shanija P/ Dr. Nandini. All are highly committed, sincere at their job as doctors, excellent and friendly attitude to patients. No words to appreciate. Very good and excellent. No hospital in Kozhikode city to compare with Baby Memorial Hospital. Once again thanking for the excellent great service that I have got.

Dasappa Krishnan Kutty, Calicut

I have been consulting Dr Suresh C C and Dr Vinayakhram for the past two weeks. I also had a laser therapy for my varicose veins done on 24th of May 2019. I wish to place on record my happiness and appreciation for the wonderful work done by Team BMH Firstly Dr Suresh C C is a gem of a doctor, more of a compassionate genius i should say. Just being with him alienates all illness you may have. He is so kind and loving despite his hectic schedule. Similarly Dr Vinaykhram is this cool and collected person who is a specialist to the core. Knows his job, is to the point and has this touch of a genius. Overall these two doctors took so much care of me that i just had to write down a note of thanks to them and wish God continue to gift them with the everything they want. My appreciation to the entire staff that i had come in contact with. This hospital practices what they preach, compassion for the suffering. Everyone i met had this touch of care and love that makes you feel at home and wanted. Special mention for Shiji madam at the insurance desk. She is an embodiment of patience. The number of times i called her and followed up with her, she was always patient in listening and finding the right solutions. Thank you Shiji Madam Also the nurses, i found extremely well mannered and caring. They all had the right attitude for this profession and i could see have been trained that way. Helpful, caring and patient. Thank you all. Special mention of course to Ms Srilakshmi at the post operative ward where i spent close to 7 hours. She went through hell to take care of me despite her being a bit under the weather. Thank you Srilakhsmi All in all a wonderful experience at a world class hospital. Love you guys for the warmth and care.

May you all be blessed


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