Child Guidance

We aim at improving the intellectual, academic, social and interpersonal skills in kids so as to enhance their quality of life and assist them in leading a fulfilling life in future.The Child Guidance Department at BMH focuses on improving the Intelligence, Memory, Concentration, Study skills, Communication skills, Social skills, Motor skills, Motivation and Life skills of children and adolescents, to guide them towards successful adulthood and excellence in life. The Child Guidance department at BMH is the only one of its kind in the region, which provides early intervention in preventing and managing the intellectual and behavioural problems of children. The department helps children with learning disabilities to improve scholastic skills and children with development delays to catch up with their peers.The department guidesadolescents to deal with the challenges of life through life skills training and also helps teenagers to excel in exams through scientific guidance.

Services & Facilities

  • Learning Assessment
    • Assessment of scholastic skills of children with learning problems and scholastic backwardness.
    • Provides training, counselling and parental guidance for children with scholastic backwardness and learning problems, to improve concentration, memory and academic skills.
  • Child Development
    • Provides early sensory – motor stimulation for at risk babies, to prevent developmental delay.
    • Developmental stimulation for infants and pre-school children with developmental delay.
    • Parental guidance and training for language stimulation in children with expressive language delay and communication disorders.
    • Training to improve intelligence and self-help skills in children.
  • Child Guidance
    • Provides Behaviour therapy for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional defiant disorder and other behaviour disorders.
    • Parental guidance and family therapy for management of emotional, behavioural and stress related problems in children.
    • Social skills training for children with inadequate social skills..
    • Management of bed wetting and stammering in children.
  • Teenage Care
    • Life skills training and counselling for adolescents to deal effectively with stressors and challenges of life.
    • Provides therapy for the management of Anxiety disorders, Pain disorder, Somatoform disorders.
    • Career Guidance for teenagers.
    • Personality development training for teenagers.
    • Behaviour therapy for management of Eating disorders, Obesity and other Life Style disorders
    • Training to improve Emotional Intelligence.
    • Scientific Guidance for students to face exams without stress and for excellence in examinations
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