Diagnostics and Blood Bank

BMH offers diagnostic services on par with international standards with the support of latest technologies and infrastructure. The clinical laboratory and blood bank adopts best practices in all respects of blood collection, processing and screening.

With world-class infrastructure and technological assistance, we provide the best-in-class diagnostic and blood bank services to the patients. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology BMH is one of the most preferred hospitals in the region. Modern laboratories with advanced equipment for Biochemistry, Haematology, Microbiology, Cytology and Clinical Pathology units are made available to give accurate and prompt diagnosis. The labs provide round the clock services to our patients.

Histopathology is the major cornerstone of accurate diagnosis in cancer care. We have a fully-equipped lab offering histopathology services to the patients. It also helps in understanding various other neoplastic and non-neoplastic conditions. Services of expert pathologists are available at the lab, providing precise diagnostic histopathology services. The department closely work with all the other departments to cater services to the required patients on time.

The Clinical Microbiology Laboratory unit at BMH has the state of the art facilities to examine and culture specimens for microorganisms, to make accurate species identification of important isolates, to perform antibiotic susceptibility tests when indicated, and to evaluate serological samples for infectious diseases.

The Blood Bank at BMH supports blood transfusion facilities of international standards to both inpatients as well as the outpatients. The well-trained and experienced blood transfusion experts at the department makes sure that the patients who are in need of blood gets the best support on time. In order to cater reliable and safe services to the patient, cutting-edge technological support is made available. Collection of blood, screening of donors, separation components and storage of collected blood are done with optimal care and quality is always well-maintained. Donors are bled skilfully, treated well and are given light refreshment with donor cards.

Panel of Doctors

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